NeoGraft Surgical Hair Restoration

Millville Delaware Hair Restoration Doctor Julie Hattier is pleased to offer Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Surgical Hair Restoration services using the amazing NeoGraft system. FUE is surgical procedure that involves removing individual hair follicles from the back of the scalp and transferring them to the top of the scalp.

Men who have inherited male pattern baldness usually lose hair at the crown and top of their scalp while the hair in the back and on the sides is last to fall out. This is why Julie Hattier, D.O. extracts donor hair follicles from that area. Unlike the Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) procedure, FUE does not leave a long linear scar. The circular marks from the extraction process heal within one week.

The Benefits of Combining FUE with NeoGraft

Although FUE is a more attractive option than FUT for many people, it does have one distinct disadvantage. It can take an entire day for a Hair Restoration Doctor to extract all of the follicles for transplant when he or she completes the process manually. Patients with more than 1,000 hair follicles to transfer may even need to return for a second or third appointment. NeoGraft completely automates the extraction process, making it possible for Doctor Hattier to remove as many as 600 hair follicles in one hour.

Another benefit of using NeoGraft is that it uses suction power, also called pneumatic pressure, to extract the follicles for transplant. This enables the follicles to slide out smoothly in a uniform fashion rather than the twisting and pulling that may be necessary with the manual process. In addition to being more comfortable for the patient, the follicles are at less risk of breaking during the extraction process. This ensures that Doctor Hattier has a large selection of hair follicles to transfer once she reaches that step.

How FUE Surgical Hair Restoration with NeoGraft Works

When you come in for your free consultation with Julie Hattier, D.O, she determines a treatment plan for you at that time. This includes deciding how many hair follicles to extract with a one-millimeter punch attached to the NeoGraft device. On the day of your procedure, she uses the circular punch to retrieve the required number of hair follicles for transfer. As she completes this step, she places the hair groupings in a collection canister and then adds sterile saline. This ensures that the follicles remain moist until she has completed harvesting and is ready for the transplant process.

Doctor Hattier uses the controlled suction pressure of the NeoGraft implantation hand piece to place the grafts into the recipient sites. She takes special care to make sure that each implanted graft is the precise depth to leave a smooth level on the scalp. This also prevents exposed or ingrown follicles. Julie Hattier, D.O. auto-loads the hair grafts into NeoGraft after removing them from the canister. She then inserts the follicles into individual recipient sites using positive pneumatic pressure and her own extreme precision.

Discover Why FUE with NeoGraft is the Gold Standard in Hair Restoration

While FUT had long been the treatment of choice to allow patients to re-grow their own hair, Millville Delaware Hair Restoration Doctor Julie Hattier and the majority of her patients prefer FUE. Some of the benefits of FUE include no scarring, shorter recovery time, no need for a scalpel or sutures, minimal pain, and low risk of complications.

The benefits of FUE really stand out when Doctor Hattier uses NeoGraft, which results in a faster extraction process and higher quality hair grafts.

Please contact the office of Julie Hattier, D.O. to discover if FUE with NeoGraft is right for you. She offers free consultations to all new patients.