Surgical Hair Restoration Methods: FUE vs FUT

As a long-time Millville Delaware Hair Restoration Doctor, Julie Hattier, D.O. offers only the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Surgical Hair Restoration procedure for several reasons. Its predecessor, Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), requires using a scalpel to cut into the patient’s scalp to remove a piece of skin and then harvest the hair follicles from that donor strip.

This leaves a long linear scar across the back of the patient’s scalp that limits the ability to have a short, buzz cut type of hairstyle. The scar can also be a great source of embarrassment. FUE offers the same hair re-growth results as FUT but uses a different extraction method to achieve it.

How Doctor Hattier Performs FUE with NeoGraft

FUE is a minimally invasive procedure compared to FUT. There are no cuts or sutures to recover from because Doctor Hattier attaches a one-millimeter circular punch to the NeoGraft device to obtain donor hair follicles. Before starting the procedure, she carefully marks each follicle to be extracted with dots to ensure that she programs the NeoGraft device to harvest the correct hair groups. Completing this process manually can take an entire day or even require return appointments. However, NeoGraft enables Doctor Hattier to extract as many as 600 hair follicles in a single hour.

The circular marks left by the NeoGraft punch disappear approximately one week after your hair transplant. In fact, your entire scalp will have healed by that point. After Julie Hattier, D.O. finishes extracting all available hair follicles, she transplants them to the area of your scalp where you have the most balding. Along with her precision skill, the pneumatic pressure of the NeoGraft device enables Doctor Hattier to implant the hair follicles in their new location for a completely smooth appearance.

She always takes care to prevent exposed or ingrown follicles during the transplant process. A small amount of hair fuzz will appear within a few weeks, with most patients reaching a satisfactory level of hair re-growth by six months.

Why FUE with NeoGraft is a Better Choice

Choosing which type of hair transplant to have is a big decision with long-lasting consequences. Doctor Hattier has opted to offer only FUE with NeoGraft because she believes it provides patients with a better overall experience. The greatest benefits of using FUE with NeoGraft include:

The ability to extract up to 600 hair follicles per hour
This dramatically reduces the time required for the entire procedure.
No scalpel or cutting required
Because FUT requires both, it can increase your chances of developing a post-surgical complication.

Minimal pain and bleeding
With FUE, you only need to receive a local anesthesia. You may experience slight discomfort with the punches, but the NeoGraft device minimizes this as much as possible. Patients who opt for FUT have significant bleeding when a Hair Restoration Doctor cuts into their scalp to remove a piece of skin. They also need to have the wound sutured.
No permanent scars
Although you will see hundreds of circular impressions on the back of your scalp after Doctor Hattier extracts all available hair follicles, these will disappear within a week. The only visible evidence of having undergone hair transplant surgery is your new hair growth. However, people will not be able to discern this since you grow your own natural hair.
A faster recovery time and few post-surgical restrictions
Not having to restrict physical activity or interactions means you can get back to your daily life quickly and painlessly.

Is FUE with NeoGraft Right for You?

Millville Delaware Hair Restoration Doctor Julie Hattier offers free complementary consultations at her wellness clinic. This will give you the opportunity to learn about the procedure in-depth and to have Julie Hattier, D.O. answer all of your questions. You deserve to look your best and to have the renewed self-confidence that comes with a healthy head of hair.

To learn more about the different surgical hair restoration methods, call Delaware Hair Restoration Doctor, Julie Hattier, D.O., today to schedule your FREE consultation.